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Young male Aphyosemion jorgenscheeli lovation


Fish Availability

Currently, none. I have had to drastically reduce my fish hobby due to family health problems that consume most of my time.

I would be glad to provide any killie keeping/breeding advice I can, but do not have any fish or eggs to sell or trade at this time.








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New World Annuals


Automated Water Change System

Use of CPVC overflow fixtures and drip emitters

Beginners Guide to Killies An article on acquiring and maintaining your first killies-conservitive but safe.

Breeding Mop Spawners Epiplatys and Aphyosemion- method I use

Breeding Bottom Spawners - Fundulopanchax method I use

Breeding Diapteron What little I have learned

Species breeding information-general parameters that have worked for me by species

Culture of White Worms Short article on easy culture and of white worms

Water Treatment Information on Reverse Osmosis



   PAKA Web Page Update 

I am continuing to update the PAKA page to include Autobiographies and fishroom photos of members.


Killies I kept
I primarily raised Aphyosemion and Epiplatys. Also a few Fundulopanchax and S. A. annuals. I used to have around 70 to 80 varieties of killies at any given time, but only a dozen or so available. Due to health problems of my wife, the fish have tanen a back seat and I have only a few species now.
Most of my breeder males are pictured on this website in photo links. All of the photos are of my fish and were taken by me.  I will be adding photos as I have time to take more.


These are photos of my 3 fishrooms.     The main room, containined about 80 tanks, is a 13'X12' corner of the basement where my furnace is located. The room held most of my breeding tanks, fry tanks and RO water supply. Initially I had to add an air conditioner to cool the room for some of the cold water fish like striatum and ogoense to get any eggs at all, but eventually I added a new cold room,

The second room (Laundry Room) has one long wall of 20 gal tanks for raising fry and keeping larger killifish .

The third room, formerly a garage filled with junk (could not fit a car anyway), was air conditioned in the summer for cold water species and contained 50 tanks.  It is plumbed with RO, but I am using a container for interim storage to let the water cool off. At last I had an array of tanks with a face on view and at viewing height! Currently owever the room has two walls of empty tanks, none in the center and none on the outside wall.

My Background
I have been in fishkeeping on and off for over 50 years and my primary love has always been killies. Got my first ones (E.dageti, Rivulus cylindraceus and A.australe) around 1954 when I was 11.  Before that my dad got me a 5 gal tank in which I had the typical live bearers and some white cloud mountainfish. Also got a 15 gal which I had a pair of Egyptian Mouthbreeders and had housed several species over a few year period before finding australe and falling in love with killies. I am currently a member of the AKA and GPASI. Email me with any questions you have about keeping killies (please check my aritcles at the left first to get some background and possibly the answers instantly) , or for information on fish I currently have available for sale. I'm certainly no expert but I can at least tell you what I have experienced.

For photographs, I use a Nikon D100 with two different lenses. One is a 60 mm Micro-nikor and the other a 105 mm Micro-nikor. I use on camera flash. Most photos are "in tank" as I prefer to shoot that way. Some of the older photos on the site were taken with a Nikon Coolbpix. As you might note many are blurred. If you want good photos, the best way to go is with a single lens reflex and macro lens. Hand focus, not autofocus. With autofocus, sometimes by the time the camera settles down due to glass reflection of the autofocus, the fish may have died of old age. A digital is great as it saves enough money in wasted film to cover the cost of a good digital camera and lens.


 If you want to ask questions about anything please read my beginners guide for many answers. If you don't find a good answer there, just email me at... and I will try to help. This is not an email link due to such overwhelming spam email so you wil have to type it in your email program.

Bill Shenefelt

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killies and apistos.
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