The following has worked for me with these fish. That does not imply that there is not a better set of parameters. Jim Robinson has an excellent chart of incubation times for many killies. I have linked a copy as best I could. "incubation times"

Temperature within a degree or two of the provided nominal. unless otherwise noted tanks are usually at about 72 to 75 degrees. My water source is diluted RO with tap water or addition of Kent RO right to achieve mineral contentRange indicates addition water - tank readings. tank water will always be higher than watter added due to wastes I rarely check pH, but my water is 6.4 to 6.8 unless otherwise noted Anything unusual
Species Location Code Temp Hardness ppm TDS 17 TDS= 1 DH pH water-other
aff. primigenium GBN 88/10 77 60-150 single pr ignores fry( note this can vayr pair to pair on all species.
australe BSWG 97/24 78 50-100 single pr ignores fry
australe chocolate 78 50-100
bivitatum CI 2000 78 50-80 group spawn, move mop



Z 82/17






< 6.5


very old, very acidic water single pr ignores fry

Heavily planted 10 to 15 gal tank with large mop. Pr seems to ignore fry and fry do better initially hatched in tank than in egg box.

lamberti BSWG 97/9 77 60-150
ocellatum n'zele 70 50-100 single pr ignores fry
ogoense Kimono Yellow 72 60-150 single pr ignores fry
ogoense Pyrophore RPC 18 70 60-150 single pr ignores fry
ogoense GHP 80/24 68 60-150 single pr ignores fry
ogoense poubara 72 60-150 single pr ignores fry
raddi Medouneu 76 60-150 single pr ignores fry
rectogoense PEG 95/16 76 60-150 group spawn, move mop. Adults love areated water which can be a inducement to breeding.
roloffi cauvetti 75 60-150 single pr ignores fry
scheeli 75 60-150 single pr ignores fry
schioetzi CHG 85/1 74 60-150



LEC 93/24







ADults seemed to ignore fry.

zygaima CMBB 89/1 71 50-80 < 6.5 single pr ignores fry rear fry at 70 deg or below to get females
schmitti Jarson 68 68-80 Heavy layer when breeding. Eggs are tiny and fry need microworms




Diapteron.. Fry are extremely water sensitive-see breeding Diapteron page eggs are quite large for a small fish
cyanostictum blue 68 30-50
cyanostictum Makukou 68 30-50
georgiae 90-18 68 30-50
fulgens 68 30-50 68 degrees is too warm and I had no luck with these
abacinum abacinum 68 30-50
Epiplatys ... Epiplatys "usually" when laying lay large numbers of small eggs. Fertility seems a bit low for me though Epiplatys fry are usually quite small and need infusoria so plants in the fry tank are a big help
Epiplatys aff. hildegardae CIG 99/7 Mt Nimba 60-150
dageti 60-150
roloffi single pr ignores fry
infrafasciata Bipindi 60-150 single pr ignores fry
Fundulopanchax... Most Fp prefer bottom mops, fine gravel or peat substrate. They like to bury eggs. Gardneri eggs will lie in the gravel until removed, then hatch out assuming a 3 week incubation. Gularis and fallax are best with a 6(gularis)-10(fallax) week dry time in peat.
arnoldi Calabar 50-80 8 week dry incubation. Fast maturing but not long lived Fp
gardneri Misaje 60-150
gardneri Biasa 60-150
mirabiles Takwai 60-150 Multiple prs seem to ignore fry
puerzli 60-150 single pr ignores fry
sjoestedti Blue Gularis 60-150
sjoestedti Dwarf Red Gularis 60-150 6 week dry incubation
fallax CI 98
fallax CI-99
filimentosus Ijeka 100-180 6 week incubation dry Grow quickly and are not long lived