Curt Smith

Curt's Fishroom


I am one of the older Paka members in years but not length of time keeping killies.  I have moved into keeping basically South American annuals today. Friendship with Jim Robinson and Dan Katz has helped me considerably in this area. I make an effort to acquire the latest discoveries in SA annuals. I do considerable trading of eggs with hobbyists from Europe, Japan and South American through the SAA Yahoo Groups club. You can reach me at <curtskillies@,>.

I'm a retired electrician from Delphi Packard and General Motors. My wife works as a teacher in High School and my three children are grown and on their own. My eldest, Teri, is a toxic site investigator with the Ohio EPA and has her Masters Degree in Geology. My son is in TV production with channel 5 in Cleveland. My youngest daughter is also a teacher and just recently acquired her Masters Degree in Education Counseling. My wife and I reside in Lordstown, Ohio about 2 miles from the Ohio Turnpike.