Hank's fishroom

Hank Marzina

Pending Hank submitting a bio, I can say a few things. I met Hank at Gerry Lofstead's home in Masontown, Pa one day while getting some, what else, killies. We talked on the phone a couple of times and Hank, Gerry and I decided to go to the AKA convention in New Jersey the following spring, 1972 I think it was.

We went in Hank's station wagon. Got a room for the three of us and Lofstead, as he was in the habit of doing, slept on the floor. He had gotten back from collecting in Africa a couple of months earlier and was quite used to it.

After that Hank called me about a year later wanting some fish for the Pittsburgh Aquarium Society Annual Show of which he was serving president. I was getting busy at work(16 hrs a day, 7 days a week) so I took in a pr of blue gularis in a 2 gal tank and never had a chance to pick them up or see Hank again---Until 1999! I got on Killietalk(finding the AKA was still alive and well on the internet) and got an email after submitting an answer to a question I saw posted. Email said-Hi Shene, how the hel* are ya. After almost 30 years, this guy who I met three times remembers me! We got together and Hank introduced me to Eric, another killie guy locally and I restarted.

Hank does not restrict himself to killies but has raised quite a few fish species. He got the Breeder of the Year award a couple of years ago from GPASI for producing entirely too many species for BAP that year.When he is not pushing prs of fish up against one another, he is runing his Reproduction(yes that's right) business, Precision Reproduction with his wife.