Scott Graner

I have been keeping and breeding tropical fish since my dad brought
home a pair of guppies for me when I was about 10 years old (sound
familiar?). While at the University of Pittsburgh I met Marshall Ostrow,
who was working with killifish breeding behavior to earn a Master's degree.
He showed me his strains of A. gardneri and encouraged me to pursue an
independent study project involving killifish. In the time we worked
together he shared his fish-room with me and took me on visits to other area
Killifish have been in my aquariums ever since. They are fascinating
to me because I love to watch the eggs and fry develop under the microscope.
Every killifish is different; every one presents a new challenge.
I have been a member of GPASI since the early 80's, a member of the AKA
since 1990, and a member of PAKA since its founding. I have learned so much
over the years from all of the aquarists I have met. This is what makes our
hobby so much fun!