Bill Shenefelt



My name is Bill Shenefelt.Just like many of my relatives, my nickname is Shene. I started with tropical fish at about the age of 5 (about 1948) when my father got me a 5 gallon tank with some white cloud mountain fish, guppies and Swordtails.I spent most of my Saturdays at a local aquarium shop.At about 10, I fell in love with some Aphyosemion australe.I saved for 2 years and got a pair ($5 was a lot in the early 1950ís).Did not breed them, but the next killie, a pair of Rivulus cylindraeceus gave me eggs and fry.I did work with some chichlids, betas, and some other egg layers, but the australe haunted me.Had to stop when I went to college, even though I commuted, but after graduating, I got married started a family and got a house.Once again got into fish for my daughter (good excuse-fish for the kid-ha). ††By about 1967 I found a fellow who had australe and joined the AKA.Started into killies once again.After about 7 years I got too busy with work, army reserves and family and the fish took a back seat. While keeping the killies, I did manage through Gerry Lofstead to meet Hank and we all went an early 1970ís AKA convention.Had a great time.Met George Maier, Rosario and some others at the convention in New Jersey.Well, after the hobby almost ceased due to work, I had not heard a thing about the AKA until I got a computer and got online.Found Killietalk, remet Hank who introduced me to a kid (sorry Eric) named Bodrock who was a master of fish keeping and had killies and it restarted with a vengeance.Iím now up to about 160 tanks and 60 species all within the last 4 years.Now I have trouble fitting in my daytime job and would love to retire, but alas, economics says I canít.At least I can meet killie people on the internet and have a blast at night with the people and the fish room.