Jim Steigerwaldt

My name is Jim Steigerwaldt, and I am 56 yrs. old and have been retired from the Penna.State Police, since July 1995.I am currently employed as a "Limousine driver", and enjoy this type of work very much. I am married to Diane for 32 years and have one (1) son - Jimmy, who is 31 and married, living in Green Tree, Pa.
It was my wife and son, who got me involved with fish, many moons ago. They attended a show held at the Northway Mall, and came home with a ten gallon tank, and if I remember right a pair of "guppies". Well, the tank became mine shortly thereafter. We joined G.P.A.S.I., became an officer, bought my first pair of killies at a GPASI auction, around 1975. I fell in love with them, so I joined the AKA.
My killies, now, are kept in a 150 gallon tank. All males!!
Annulatus, Australes ( Orange, Gold, Chocolate), I have a few pairs of killies, in gallon jars. When I heard that an "old", young friend of mine was starting up an affiliate club - PAKA, I got in touch with him (Eric Bodrock) and became a charter member. Maybe, someday, I'll get back into breeding, but for now, I just enjoy my "BIG" tank. I am extremely proud of my new found friends in PAKA, cause not only are they "Full of it", they are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of fish(killie) keeping.